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1. The designers themselves are familiar with the specifications to ensure that the volume occupied by the cable tray meets the requirements, generally 40% is better. Try not to exceed the specified density to avoid accelerating the aging of cable insulation, otherwise it is necessary to increase the cable and increase investment.
2. Cables and wires cannot be laid in the same trunking. The reason is that the allowable temperature of the two types of wire is different, and the insulation layer of the wire is relatively thin, which is easy to be pulled by the cable. The mechanical strength of the wire is not enough, which is easy to break the cable.
Cable tray
3. Different types of cables should not be laid in the same trunking. The main reason is that the operating temperature is different, such as 65 degrees for VV series and 90 degrees for YJY series. If laid in the same trunking, the cable with low temperature resistance will accelerate insulation aging.
4. During cable tray wiring, the cable capacity laid in the trunking shall be considered comprehensively according to the number of cables in the same trunking, the laying environment temperature, etc., generally 60% - 80% of the rated capacity of the cable, and 50-70% of the plastic trunking due to poor heat dissipation.
5. Due to its special structure (adding fireproof cotton and fireproof board inside), the internal space of the fireproof bridge is smaller than that of the ordinary bridge. Pay attention to the floor area ratio of the cable when selecting.
6、防火桥架由于其结构特殊(内部增加防火棉、防火板),散热条件差, 电缆载流量可按电缆额定载流量的40%-60%考虑。
6. Due to its special structure (adding fireproof cotton and fireproof board inside) and poor heat dissipation conditions, the cable carrying capacity can be considered as 40% - 60% of the rated carrying capacity of the cable.
7、防火桥架由于其结构特殊(内部增加防火棉、防火板),自重比普通桥架重,设计固定支吊架时不能按照钢制桥架设计规范中的标准间距设置,应加大密度,建议采用1 -1.5米间距,具体视设计的桥架大小定。
7. Due to its special structure (adding fireproof cotton and fireproof board inside), the dead weight of the fireproof bridge is heavier than that of the ordinary bridge. When designing the fixed supports and hangers, they cannot be set according to the standard spacing in the steel bridge design specification, and the density should be increased. It is recommended to use a spacing of 1-1.5m, depending on the size of the designed bridge.
With the summary above Jinan cable bridge, I hope it can help our customers. If you have any questions or need help, please click our website: http://www.tjspc.com Or call for consultation, and we will do our best to solve it for you
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