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该过程不受板的限制,并且外壳被制成华夫饼形式,这增加了汇流排的机械强度,并且汇流排的水平截面可以长达13m。 由于将外壳制成卷装形式,因此凹坑的位置被有意地分离和固定,并且母线之间的距离为18 mm。
This process is not limited by the plate, and the shell is made into a waffle shape, which increases the mechanical strength of the bus bar, and the horizontal section of the bus bar can be as long as 13 m. Due to the fact that the enclosure is made into a roll form, the location of the pits is intentionally separated and fixed, and the distance between the busbars is 18 mm.
线路之间的通风良好,明显改善了母线槽的防潮和散热功能,更适合南方气候; 它们之间存在一定的间隙,这会导致导线的温度上升下降,从而提高了过载能力并降低了磁振荡噪声。 但是,它产生的杂散电流和电感电抗要比致密的母线大得多,因此与相同规格的产品相比,其导电条的截面必须大于致密的绝缘插入式母线。
Good ventilation between lines significantly improves the moisture and heat dissipation functions of the bus duct, making it more suitable for the southern climate; There is a certain gap between them, which will cause the temperature of the wire to rise and fall, thereby improving the overload capacity and reducing the magnetic oscillation noise. However, the stray current and inductive reactance generated by it are much larger than that of a dense busbar, so compared to products of the same specification, the cross-section of its conductive bar must be larger than that of a dense insulated plug-in busbar.
Air plug bus duct (BMC)
由于汇流排之间的接头与铜软结合,南方的天气潮湿,接头易于氧化,从而使接头和汇流排之间接触不良,从而使接触点易于加热,因此 在南方很少使用。 接头之间的体积太大,水平母线段尺寸不一致,形状也不美观。
Due to the soft bonding of the joints between the bus bars and copper, the joints are prone to oxidation in humid weather in the south, resulting in poor contact between the joints and the bus bars, making the contact points easy to heat, so they are rarely used in the south. The volume between joints is too large, the horizontal bus section size is inconsistent, and the shape is not beautiful.
Densely insulated plug-in bus duct (CMC)
其水分和散热效果差。 在防潮方面,母线在施工过程中容易受潮和渗水,导致相间绝缘电阻降低。 母线的散热主要取决于外壳。 由于电线和电线之间的紧凑布置,L2和L3相的热能被缓慢散发,并且母线槽的温度升高形成得很高。 致密的绝缘插入式母线受外板限制,只能产生不超过3m的水平截面。 由于汇流排之间的气隙小,因此当汇流排通过大电流时,会产生很强的电功率,导致磁振荡频率形成叠加状态,从而产生过多的噪声。
Its moisture and heat dissipation effects are poor. In terms of moisture prevention, the busbar is prone to moisture and water seepage during construction, resulting in a reduction in interphase insulation resistance. The heat dissipation of the bus mainly depends on the enclosure. Due to the compact arrangement between the wires and wires, the heat energy of the L2 and L3 phases is slowly dissipated, and the temperature rise of the bus duct is very high. The compact insulated plug-in busbar is limited by the outer plate and can only produce a horizontal cross-section of not more than 3m. Due to the small air gap between the busbars, when the busbars pass through a large current, they generate strong electrical power, resulting in a superimposed state of magnetic oscillation frequencies, resulting in excessive noise.
The plug-in bus duct is a trunk type system with advantages such as small size, compact structure, reliable operation, large transmission current, convenient tapping and feeding, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, and good dynamic thermal stability
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